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Captain Kip Judice

About Kip Judice:

Judice began his law enforcement career at 19, when Sheriff Donald Breaux hired him as a dispatcher for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.  He has worked in every facet of enforcement at the Sheriff’s Office throughout his 30 year tenure with that agency.  Kip was a Crime Scene Technician, Intelligence Agent, Patrol Deputy, Intelligence Unit Commander, Task Force Supervisor, Patrol Commander, Civil Division Commander, Public Information Officer and Executive Officer to the Chief Deputy.  At the time of his retirement from LPSO, Kip was third in command for the Enforcement Division under Sheriff Mike Neustrom.

During his 30 year tenure with the LPSO, Kip worked on some the of this area’s highest profile cases which include over 100 Homicide cases, Rapes, Robberies, Burglaries and Thefts.  One of the most notorious cases were the Southside Serial Rapist Task Force for 3 years leading up to the identification of Ernest Randall Comeaux a fellow-sheriff’s deputy as the perpetrator.

Kip is not afraid of hard work or in putting in long hours to the job done.  His officer will quote him as saying, “Don’t worry about the mule, load the wagon!”  He is committed to bringing this mindset with him into the office of City Marshal.  No matter what the problem or concern or how heavy the burden may be, Kip will handle it all with hard work, diligence, compassion and a work ethic instilled with integrity and dignity.  He will bring leadership and a vision back to the office of City Marshal.

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Capt. Judice contines to excel in his role as patrol commander.  His work ethic, enthusiasm, and attention to detail are all exceptional traits that contribute to his success.  He manages his staff by encouraging personal growth and improvement and has earned the respect of his subordinates.

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Major Art Lebreton

LPSO Chief Deputy (Retired)

This office has received a letter of appreciation for your services working with the Lafayette Police Department during the Q Nic event on April 5-7, 2002.  The event catered to thousands of people and it is a credit to all offices working security that there were no serious incidents of violence or drug use.  You are commended for your leadership professional ability, and positive attitude; making Q Nic a safe and enjoyable event for everyone involved.

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Sheriff Michael Neustrom

LPSO Sheriff (Retired)

Your leadership abilities have been impressive along with your assistance with difficult situations involving the general public.  I have never felt as comfortable with a supervisor as I feel with you.  I can only speak for the 400 shift and myself when I say thank you very much for your support, friendship, and leadership.

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Ron Robicheaux

LPSO Lieutenant (Retired)

Sgt. Judice demonstrates a high level of expertise and is uniquely qualified to guide the Intelligence Unit.  He displays a strong personal commitment to both his fellow law enforcement officers and the community he serves.

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Debbie Brasseaux

LPSO Criminal Investigations Captain (Retired)

On January 13, 2006, Inmate Calvin Stokes was improperly released from LPCC.  Sergeant Judice and his team were again summoned for their assistance.  Sergeant Judice and his team responded without hesitation.  Sergeant Judice and his team gathered all relevant information needed and with his vast knowledge and resources Inmate Stokes was apprehended within hours.

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Griff Champage

LPCC Captain (Retired)

Deputies Judice and Haydel are clearly a credit to your department.  I am pleased to know that dedicated law enforcement officers such as Deputies Judice and Haydel will be available to provide invaluable assistance to me when and if needed.  I extend my appreciation to Deputies Judice and Haydel for their very fine, professional, and dedicated work.  Simply put, without them, a successful prosecution of Smith [Convicted of 1st Degree Murder] would have been extraordinarily more difficult.

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Chester Cedars

Assistant District Attorney (Retired)